At Michael & Sun Solar we have our favorite brands and SolarEdge remains our ‘go to’ inverter.  They’re super dependable, have great efficiency with their optimizer technology, easy to access tech support and and customers enjoy their monitoring platform (we include installation of monitoring hardware with every installation!).

What’s also rad about SolarEdge is how quickly they are improving their products and innovating new features.  Their inverters continually get smaller without sacrificing performance and just this summer they added the inverter/car charger combo to their available products.

As more and more of our customers own EV’s and/or plan on purchasing soon, we are seeing the demand for home car chargers rapidly grow.  Having an electrician install a new car charger will typically cost $1000+ dollars.  Now new solar customers can save the time and money and purchase SolarEdge’s EV Charging Single Phase Inverter, available in 3800 watt and 7600 W ratings (click here for details SE3800H-US-SE7600H-US Inverter-integrated EV charger).  This latest innovation integrates a charger for your electric car directly into your solar system.

In addition so saving money, more power is delivered to the car by combining solar power with power from the grid. This can result in charging speeds that are as much as six times faster than a charger plugged into a standard outlet.  And having a single integrated charger/inverter means you can monitor and manage your solar power and your EV charging simultaneously on your smartphone.  SolarEdge’s software can track your EV’s power usage separately from your solar production, and you can also control your charging remotely.

So whether you are considering a new solar system or upgrading an aging inverter; whether you have an EV or are planning to purchase one in the future – consider SolarEdge’s new EV Charging Single Phase Inverter.  Reach out and we can provide not only a quote, but also the financial forecast for future savings your solar system can provide</p