All Team

Nicole McAdams is Business Operations at Michael & Sun Solar

Nicole McAdams

Business Operations
Nicole McAdams has been with the company since 2018 serving as a business operations consultant. She holds degrees in mathematics, business, and accounting and is a certified Project Management Professional…
Sean Pouyamehr is a solar installer at Michael & Sun Solar

Sean Pouyamehr

Solar Installer
Sean aspires to become a licensed and certified electrician. When he’s not installing solar systems, he spends much of his time managing his Subway sandwich franchises in the bay area.
Lead solar installer at Michael & Sun Solar

Brett Weigel

Designer, Lead Solar Installer
Brett hails from Indiana. He enjoys skiing, riding bikes, and spending time with his family.
Michael Ingram is Founder & President at Michael & Sun Solar

Michael Ingram

Founder & President
After gaining years of experience and refining his skills with advanced professional training and obtaining a contractors license, Michael set out to form a solar company built on quality of…
Matt Fritzinger is the Solar Solutions Engineer at Michael & Sun Solar

Matt Fritzinger

Solar Solutions Engineer

Matt Fritzinger combines prior career experiences as a mechanical engineer and a carpenter to design efficient, high quality and aesthetically pleasing solar systems. Matt brings a lifelong passion for building…

William Schock is Director of Project Management at Michael & Sun Solar

William Schock

Director of Project Management

William brings 5 years of construction management and design experience to Michael and Sun. The bulk of his recent career has been designing and coordinating hundreds of holistic residential energy…